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Shochu and Soju

Japanese Shochu is a strong distilled alcoholic beverage that can be made from any starchy or high-sugar produce, although the most common produce used is rice, sweet potato, or barley. Drunk on the rocks or mixed with hot water or other drinks, shochu has recently overtaken sake in popularity in Japan due to its smooth taste and drinkable nature. Korean Soju is one of the world’s most popular liquor. It’s the No. 1-selling liquor by volume, and sales have only been growing in recent years. Soju has been a soulful drink due to it's low price tag. TV dramas show scenes of people drinking soju with friends when happy, and alone when sad. The popular Samgyeopsal, grilled pork belly, is often eaten with soju, which cleanses grease and oil from the mouth. Combining it with citrus juice is one such current trend. Making the distinctive Korean cocktail called "Somaek", combining elements of the words soju and beer, is definitely worth trying! NikanKitchen now offers the best soju and shochu from Korea and Japan to sell online! These include soju from well-known and well-known brands such as Jinro and Lotte. Browse our selection of the best soju from Japan and let us know when we need more! By the way, you have to be over 18 to buy items from this category!

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