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Soy and Rice Drinks

In Korea there are lots of awesome flavored soy drinks such as green tea, black sesame seed, black and red bean, and even peanut/walnut-flavored soy milks. There are truly Korean-style! Sikhye is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage, usually served as a dessert. In addition to its liquid ingredients, Sikhye contains grains of cooked rice and in some cases pine nuts. It is similar to the Chinese jiuniang and Japanese amazake. They are sweat and delicious! There are also a wide variety of Rice Drink, that is a real sip into Korea! Made using both white and brown rice, this beverage is a delicious way to start your day. Sweet and slightly creamy, we love enjoying this ice cold! NikanKitchen now offers the best Japanese and Korean soy drinks and rice drinks for online sale! These include soy drinks and rice drinks from popular Korean and well-known brands such as Lotte, Haitai and Woongjin. Browse through our selection of the best soy drinks and rice drinks from Korea and Japan and let us know when we need more!

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