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Sports and Heathy Drinks

Pocari Sweat (ポカリスエット, Pokari Suetto) is a famous Japanese sports drink, manufactured by Otsuka. Pocari Sweat is a mild-tasting, relatively light, non-carbonated sweet beverage and is advertised as an "ion supply drink". It has a mild grapefruit flavor with little aftertaste. Pocari Sweat contains a balance of water and ions that is close to that of body fluid, enabling smooth replenishment of lost moisture and ions! The Korean culture has a long history of treating food and drink as medicine. In Korea there are lots of healthy drinks consumed by Koreans, especially with ginseng and honey. The product, 'Korean Red Ginseng with Honey Drink', is specially popular and Koreans believe that it is really healthy and it has been used to help fight off stress, lower blood sugar, as well as treat male erectile dysfunction and many other conditions. Korean ginseng is known for its ability to help regulate mood, strengthen the immune system, and improve cognition. NikanKitchen now offers the best Japanese and Korean energy and healthy drinks for online sale! These include energy and healthy drinks from popular Korean and well-known brands such as Jungkwanjang, Otsuka and Kwangdong. Browse through our selection of the best energy and healthy drinks from Korea and Japan and let us know when we need more!

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