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Tea and Coffee

Unlike a more traditional French or British view of tea as solely the leaves from Camellia sinesis leaves, Koreans attach their word for tea, -cha, to anything and everything they can assault with the power of hot water, which means not just herbal tisanes, but also syrups, roots, grains and nuts. These teas are therefore sometimes as much food as drink. There are many wonderful Korean teas definitely worthy tasting. Japanese green tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world, and as the interest in keeping healthy rises worldwide so too does the popularity of green tea. From earthy and aromatic matcha green tea powder to refreshing sencha; from nutty, almost savoury genmaicha to sweet, roasted hojicha. Korean and Japanese tea stories go even further. There are many tea conveniently served in a bottle and consumed in hot summer days, which is just perfect to cool us down! NikanKitchen now offers the best Japanese and Korean tea for online sale! These include tea from popular Korean and well-known brands such as Lotte, Haitai and Woongjin. Browse through our selection of the best tea from Korea and Japan and let us know when we need more!

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