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Tea Loose

From Job’s tears, Solomon’s seal tea, ginger tea to honey jujube tea, there are wonderful Korean teas you’ve probably never tasted. Unlike a more traditional French or British view of tea as solely the leaves from Camellia sinesis leaves, Koreans attach their word for tea, -cha, to anything and everything they can assault with the power of hot water, which means not just herbal tisanes, but also syrups, roots, grains and nuts. These teas are therefore sometimes as much food as drink. Mysterious tea is beloved by Korean men seeking vitality. There is indeed a strong taste and smell that some people find medicinal, which you may have tasted in various energy drinks. NikanKitchen now offers the best Japanese and Korean tea for online sale! These include tea from popular Korean and well-known brands such as Lotte, Haitai and Ottugi. Browse through our selection of the best tea from Korea and Japan and let us know when we need more!

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