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Fish and Meat

Fish cake originally from Japan is a very popular and common Korean and Japanese food today. Fish cake also called Oden and Eomuk is widely enjoyed as a snack, a side dish and a main meal like a fish cake soup. Oden is one of the gems of Korean street food since it tastes great, it’s filling and it’s cheap. It’s pretty much everywhere, including street market, malls, supermarkets and convenience stores. Basically, oden is seasoned fish paste that has been formed into cakes or strips and then cooked. In Korea these are very commonly threaded onto wooden skewers sitting in a broth for serving as a street food. The oden is also rolled on sticks, deep-fried, and served with mustard sauce and ketchup. The variety of these is wonderful as quick filler. Oden is also beloved as a soup or kind of stew. Here the fish cakes are served in a bowl of broth with a touch of various other ingredients like mushroom, chopped green onions and soy. The color, taste and shape of the oden vary a lot depending on where you order the soup, so you may have to root around to find your favorite. NikanKitchen now offers the best Japanese and Korean fish cake for sale online here! These include fish cakes from much loved Japanese brands including Busan and Kibun. Shop our selection of the best fish cakes from Korea and Japan and if we've missed anything be sure to let us know!

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