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Chilli Paste

If Japan uses soy sauce and vinegar for cooking, Korea uses red pepper paste and sesame oil for various dishes. The combination of thick texture, moderate sweetness and the following spicy pain of Kochujang, korean chiili paste, offers the unique experience in the world. With the addition of new ingredients such as red pepper to the unique Korean fermanted sauce culture, Kochujang has attracted the taste of the world as well as Koreans. The pepper originated from South America and was imported to Korea through China and became a food ingredient representing Korean food. Kimchi would have even been impossible without pepper. Kochujang, which was created through the combination of chrysanthemum culture, is loved as an essential cooking staple for various dishes ranging from hot stew to bibimbap. Enjoy various Kochujang, a representative of Korean food, at NikanKitchen!

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