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Miso and Bean Paste

Korean beanpaste is similar to Japanese miso, which is a fermented food representing both Korea and Japan, but they are actually different. Recently, 'Fermented Food' has emerged as one of the trends in food all over the world, and there is a growing interest in Japanese miso and Korean beanpaste. Both miso and Korean beanpast were made by fermenting soybeans, but there is a difference between the two. Miso is one of the essential fermented foods for Koreans. The soybean fermented soybean paste is different from the smile, except that only the pure soybean is fermented. Unlike the miso in Korea, Japanese miso is made by mixing leaven with soybean. The name of miso changes according to the ingredients of the yeast that goes into the beans. Japanese miso made by putting the rice flour on the soybeans is known as 'Kome miso', and the miso with the barley yeast on the soybeans is 'mamemiso'. Enjoy Japanese miso and Korean beanpaste loved all over the world as healthy food at NikanKitechen!

Instant Miso Soup / Stew

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