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Cup Noodles

Loved by Koreans and all around world! Ramen, which is a perfect combination with Kimchi and Korean radishes, can be easily cooked by anyone. Cup noodles are by far the most popular item in Japanese convenience stores! There are even many tourists who buy cup noodles as a souvenir in Japan. Instant noodles are made with noodles boiled once and fried for cooking later time. Nowadays, instant noodles, loved by both Korea and Japan, are said to be invented by Ando Momofuku, a Taiwanese Japanese in Japan after the end of World War II. At that time, there was a lot of wheat flour as a relief item from the US Army. The first instant noodles were chicken ramen noodles made on the island of Shinshu Shokusan, the predecessor of the Nissin food industry. The early ramen became more popular since then and it is now mostly served in a package and the instant cup. Enjoy a variety of delicious ramen at NikanKitchen!

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