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Dried Noodles

In Korea, people eat various kinds of noodle dishes through four seasons, but in Japan people think that somen is the summer meal. The most common way to eat somen in Japan is to dip the somen noodles in a tsuyu (special type of soy sauce). Of course, depending on the preference, people eat somen with ginger, spring onions and so on. Japanese also try to avoid the monotony of taste by eating somen with several tempura, or to make a nutritional balance in somen noodles where nutrition is almost exclusively obtained from carbohydrates. On the other hand, in Korea, people eat somen noodles in various broth, or mixed with kochujang, vinegar, and vegetables. In addition, glass noodles are also loved as an important family meal for events such as birthdays. Discover a variety of delicious Korean and Japanese noodles at NikanKitchen.

Somen and Dried Noodles

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