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Soba Noodles

Soba, the Japanese Soul Food! Japanese buckwheat noodles, commonly known as the summer side to eat in Korea, are a typical Japanese noodle that is served both cold and hot. Soba originated in the Edo province in the 17th century, and at this time in Japan, besides soba, sushi, tempura, rice bowl and other foods representing the present Japanese food cultures were born. Now soba is loved all over Japan. In particular, it means the good fortune of the New Year with the custom of "Toshi Koshi (越越しそば)" that people eat soba on the evening of December 31, the last day of the year. This custom, which contains the origins of the Japanese who "slip as long as the soba in the new year" or "cut off the sunshine of the past year," continues to this day. Warm soba noodles are finely chopped with seasoning and seasoned with seven different kinds of red pepper powder, chilled tofu, and wasabi (black wasabi). It is said that you can enjoy the smell of buckwheat noodles with air especially when you eat aloud. It is also good to experience the history and customs of the old Japanese variety of soba with Tsuyu! Meet a variety of authentic Japanese soba noodles at NikanKitchen!

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