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Udon Noodles

In the olden days in Japan, it was very common that Japanese eat meals only two times a day. Then, in the Edo period, the light was spread and people stayed later than before, and after that, started to have a snack after breakfast and dinner. It is said that this nightmarish dinner has become now. Even after eating three meals a day, the hours of awakening increased due to the development of technology, and people started eating even after midnight. Udon is loved as one of those in-between meals and many Japanese people love udon for various reasons such as "It is easy to eat because it is warm and chewy, and it is easy to eat because it is not too heavy, and it is perfectly enough when slightly hungry." Udon is characterized by its soup and noodles, warm broth warms the frozen inside, and the chewy noodles stimulate appetite. Though fewer Japanese people eat udon than ramen, it is still one of the most important Japanese foods. Interestingly, Udon is popular in western Japan, rather than in eastern Japan, and often in the Kansai region. There are many kinds of udon noodles in each region, such as udon noodle soup, curry udon, pork noodle noodle, Instead of pasta, there are various udon noodles such as marbled noodles with udon noodles, stew noodles and so on. Meet a variety of Japanese traditional udon at NikanKitchen!

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