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Dried Rice Seasoning

The sprinkle known as Japanese Furikake was invented by Suekichi Yoshimaru who was a pharmacist. Beginning to sell bottles by adding seasoning, roasted sesame seeds, poppy seeds, laver, etc. so that people who dislike fish can sprinkle on rice. Furikake keeps evolving, new products are on the rise. Not only is it changing the white rice deliciously, but also it is used as seasonings for udon noodles, soba, spaghetti toppings, salad dressings, and so on. it is also widely used to make rice balls. Because of its easiness to turn white rice so special, japanese and korean use furikake to make rice balls for their children, who love rice balls, and for a picknick. Please meet a delicious sprinkle for Japanese and Korean cuisine loved worldwide at NikanKitchen!

Special Dried Rice Seasoning

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