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Often overlooked, vegetables are every bit as important to Japanese and Korean food culture as seafood and meat. Japan and Korea uses an abundance of root vegetables, leafy greens, and many others in its cuisine. Vegetables play a prominent role in not only salads and side dishes, but soups, main courses, and even desserts. Bunching Onion, Radish, Perilla, Lotus Root and so on. There are a large selection of healthy and delicious vegetables that are commonly used in Japanese and Korean cooking. Especially Kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine, is a famous traditional side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables, most commonly Napa cabbage and Korean radishes, with a variety of seasonings, including gochugaru, scallions, garlic, ginger, and fish sauce. If you are a healthy eater, Korean and Japanese vegetables are probably the right choice for your healthy diet! Enjoy authentic Korean and Japanese vegetables from world famous kimchi to sushi ginger gari at NikanKitchen!

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