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Natto and Tofu

Tofu is one of the representative Japanese and korean food, white soft food which hardens soy protein. It can be divided into kinds such as hard tofu and soft tofu. Rich in protein and fat, and it is characterized by good digestion. Currently, it has become a health food loved by people around the world as well as Japan. Natto is also a unique Japanese food from soybean fermented foods. Protein, lipid, calcium, iron, and vitamin B2. In Japan, natto is known as a transcendent health food with various enzymes and nutrients, just as fermented foods are preferred in Korea. Of course, it has been scientifically proven and natto has been selected as one of the top five health foods in the world. Natto, a traditional Japanese food made by fermenting soybeans with natto bacteria, is especially enjoyed as breakfast. The protein is abundant and has long been an essential nutrient source in Japan with miso. It has a unique scent, unique taste, high viscosity, and a long stretch of yarn, so it takes a little effort to eat natto. In Japan, especially in the eastern region of Kanto region, people enjoy natto a lot. Meet NakatKitchen at NikanKitchen for delicious and healthy natto!

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