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A classic food that is indispensable to Japanese table from long ago. It is a food that preserved various preservatives by immersing various ingredients such as vegetables with salt, vinegar, sake cake and so on. There are plenty of kinds, such as pickled plum, pickles dried in sunlight and pickled radish pickled. Many fermented products have a strong scent, and in the case of Japanese pickles, fermentation by lactic acid bacteria is suppressed to such a degree that acidity is not distinctly strong. Japanese pickled ginger known as Gari is a side dish that is never missed when sushi is eaten. Cucumber pickles and pickled radish are also widely loved in Korea. In particular, pickled radish is widely used as a material for gimbap, and is served with kimchi when you eat ramen. Ssammu, sliced marinated radish, is very good when eaten with meat in Korean barbecue. Meet a variety of Korean and Japanese pickles at nikankitchen.com.

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