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Biscuits and Cookies

Biscuits were spreading to Japan by the drifted Portuguese. Biscuits are digestible well and have high nutritional value, so it is the perfect snack for children to compensate for missing nutrition. There are various types of biscuits such as hard biscuits and soft biscuits. Also, because it is compatible with chocolate, it is often made in combination with chocolate. Stick-like biscuits made with slender shape and baked good with a crisp texture are also popular, and many popular items are made in combination with chocolate. There are also many light and flaky chocolate-filled cookies, which are a dream come true for any dessert lover. There’s just a hint of milk chocolate inside so they’re not super rich, and they’re tiny enough that you can pop one (or six…) in your mouth and eat them on the go. They also have adorable pictures printed on each individual cookie, so this snack serves as a great pick me up if you’re stress eating and need to cheer yourself up. Pick up a box or container the next time you’re in the mood for a dessert that is quick, easy, and is guaranteed to make you smile. NikanKitchen now offers the best Japanese and Korean biscuits and cookies for sale online! These include biscuits and cookies from much loved Korean and Japanese brands including Lotte. Shop our selection of the best biscuits and cookies from Korea and Japan and if we've missed anything be sure to let us know!



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