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Pocky and Sticks

Do you know that November 11th is the day of Pocky & Plitz in Japan and Korea? Since the shape of Pocky resembles the number "1", it started on a congratulatory day where six "1"s on November 11, Heisei 11 (1999) are lining up. Pocky are a brand of chocolate covered biscuit sticks launched in 1966 that have a chocolate-free zone on each stick for your hands. They have gone on to become a classic Japanese snack that is well known in Asia. They have been released in hundreds of flavors but the red packaged chocolate flavor is the timeless classic. Pretz are a brand of seasoned pretzel-like sticks they were first released in 1962 predating other stick-shaped Japanese snacks such as pocky. Due to the easy and clean way of holding Pocky, you can do various work while eating without polluting your hands, even if it is covered with chocolate. The light taste and crispy sound of Pocky when eaten make simply people not stop eating this additive Japanese snacks. NikanKitchen now offers the best Japanese and Korean Poky and Pretz for sale online! These include Poky and Pretz from much loved Korean and Japanese brands including Pocky or Lotte. Shop our selection of the best Poky and Pretz from Korea and Japan and if we've missed anything be sure to let us know!

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