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Rice Crackers

The history of rice crackers is very old, and the origin is from China. It is said that Japan has been transmitted from China during the Asuka period. Japan has a long tradition of making sweets and snacks from rice. Especially rice crackers are a favorite of the nation and you can buy them in all sorts of shapes and flavors at supermarkets and convenience stores. Kameda Seika is one of Japan’s prime rice cracker makers, creating delicacies out of rice that are incredibly hard to come by outside of Japan. "Crackers" from glutinous rice, "Okaki" and "Hail" to make from glutinous rice. They are pretty chewy but is very for digestion. Good chewing improves saliva secretion and helps digestion and absorption. Due to its chewiness rice crackers are known as very healthy food. Japan boasts a rich rice culture and there’s an ancient custom of offering rice to the deities to thank for the harvest of this year and pray for a bountiful harvest for next year. These kinds of offerings are made from glutinous rice because it has a comparatively long shelf life. After the offering and once some time has passed, the now hard rice cakes are smashed up, baked, and roasted to be enjoyed. This is said to be the origin of rice crackers. NikanKitchen now offers the best Japanese and Korean for sale online here! These include snacks from much loved Japanese brands including Kameda Seika. Shop our selection of the best rice crackers from Korea and Japan and if we've missed anything be sure to let us know!

Special Rice Crackers

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