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Quick and easy

Are you too busy to have time to cook? Now that you don't want to cook because you're tired, you can find a quick and comfortable meal at NikanKitchen. It's quick and easy, but you can't compensate the delicious taste! Super easy and amazingly quick meal, which reduces the time and effort to prepare meals in various types and forms, and is responsible for modern people's meals, is attracting attention not only in Korea but also around the world! RTE is a ready-to-eat food that can be eaten immediately after purchase, and includes lunchboxes, gimbap, and sandwiches. RTH is a ready-to-eat (completely cooked) food that can be eaten after heating for a short time. There are instant rice, instant porridge, and retort food. RTC is an instant-cooked (half-cooked) food that is consumed after heating or cooking for a relatively long time, and includes frozen dumplings, frozen pork cutlet, and frozen fried rice. RTP is also called Meal Kit as a fresh convenience food ingredient in which trimmed ingredients, seasonings, and recipes are packaged in one package.



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