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Tteokbboki Popular Korean Streetfood

떡볶이 - The Best Korean Streefood! Tteokbokki (also Tteok-bokki, Korean: 떡볶이) or fried rice cakes are a popular street food in Korean cuisine made from small, white, cylindrical rice cakes. Fishcake, boiled eggs and spring onions are some of the most commonly used ingredients. The rice cakes are seasoned with either spicy chili paste (gochujang) or non-spicy soy sauce. Hot, hotter and hottest Although it varies from person to person, it often feels like it is moderately spicy until it is eaten the first time. This is because the Sweet is not as bad as the pungent taste, and the taste is unclear. If you look at the videos that foreigners eat on YouTube, many say that their first taste is delicious and delicious. However, if you continue to eat it, you will soon come to a level where you can not hide the sweetness anymore, and then to the level where you feel pain for those who are not used to the spicy taste.


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