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Summer Dishes

Summer in Korea and Japan is very hot and humid, so foods and drinks that are good for summer and taste are widely loved. Japanese soba is a typical summer food in Japan, made from buckwheat flour, dipped in cold soy sauce with radish, green onion, and wasabi. Because buckwheat belongs to cold food in nature, it also plays a role in lowering heat in the body, alleviating inflammation, and facilitating bowel movements. Naengmyeon and various kinds of bibim-myeon are typical Korean summer foods. Naengmyeon is a food made with pressed noodles made by mixing buckwheat flour with a little starch. It developed mainly in the northern regions of Korea, where a lot of buckwheat is produced. There are two types: ‘Mulnaengmyeon’, which is noodles rolled in broth, and ‘Bibimnaengmyeon,’ which is eaten with spicy bibim sauce. The method of making it differs slightly for each fat, but in general, noodles are made by mixing buckwheat flour with a little starch, then garnished with cut pork, cucumber vegetables, pears, stir-fried beef, boiled eggs, etc., and then pour the soup over. In Japan, various ionic soft drinks such as barley tea, Pokapi Sweat, and Ramune are popular to compensate for fatigue in the hot summer, and in Korea, cold omija tea is enjoyed. Meet a variety of Korean and Japanese summer food and drinks at NikanKitchen!

Soft Drinks

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