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Did you know that December 25th, which is Christmas, is not a public holiday in Japan? Since there are so many countries where Christmas is usually a public holiday, many people may think that Japan will also have a holiday, but usually Japanese companies have holidays after Christmas from the end of the year to the beginning of the year. Also, did you know that in Japan we eat chicken for Christmas? It is said that in Japan, they eat fried chicken, unlike in Korea, which usually prepares a cake for Christmas. The background is said to have gained popularity soon after KFC was established in Nagoya, Japan in the 1970s. At the World Expo held in Osaka in the same year, American fast food chains such as KFC and McDonald's carried out big marketing campaigns in Japan and achieved results. From this point on, American fast food began to spread in Japan. Then, in 1974, a big commercial TV commercial called "Christmas = KFC" conducted by KFC was a success, and Japan started buying fried chicken for Christmas. Because of this, KFC is said to record the highest sales every year on Christmas Eve in Japan.

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