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Sushi: Healthy and delicious! "Japanese food" was registered as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in December 2013, and interest in Japanese food from around the world is growing steadily. Sushi, which is low in calories and known as a healthy food, is often eaten in Japan for celebrations and everyday activities. Be a part of the world's fast-paced food culture! Turn your home into a 5-star sushi restaurant! Sushi shouldn't be a trendy food that we only enjoy occasionally. NikanKitchen makes it easier for everyone to enjoy all the healthy and delicious sushi lovers have at home! With from a complete sushi box to authentic sushi ingredients directly from Japan and Korea, you can easily prepare authentic sushi at home. We package and deliver fresh ingredients that are essential for making sushi while you have fun with friends and family. The NikanKitchen Sushi Box even includes all the ingredients you need to prepare sushi: a set consisting of bamboo sushi rolls and chopsticks, as well as sushi ingredients enough for 4 to 16 people. You can make a variety of sushi like salmon, rice, cucumber, shrimp roll, warship roll, handle sushi, etc.


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