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A Japanese and Korean bowls and plates go well with Japanese food as well as international cuisine. As in Japan and Korea, there are always two or more side dishes on the table along with the main dish, so there are many unique dishes in Japan and Korea. In addition, the characteristics of Japanese bowls are that they are light, easy to lift, and highly durable. While some are modern and colorful, traditional Japanese bowls are usually subdued in color to make the dish stand out. So it goes well with all kinds of food, not just Japanese food. Japanese home-cooked meals are usually enjoyed with soup and side dishes as a main dish. So, in Japan, there are many stylish and easy-to-use small plates on which to put side dishes. Eating a main dish with a side dish also increases the amount of vegetables you can eat at a meal. For a balanced meal, it's a good idea to get into the habit of eating side dishes together on a small plate. In Japan, it is customary to eat food with a plate or with your hands, so light bowls or small plates are usually preferred when eating. As a result, light porcelain and wooden crockery, which are easy to use, have come to be frequently used for meals, and have also established themselves as general tableware.

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