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-10% NikanKitchen Snack Box Premium


-10% NikanKitchen Snack Box Premium

Best Brand from Japan & Korea Best Brand from Japan & Korea

what makes NikanKitchen Snack Box Premium different

From sweet potato snacks, matcha Pocky to assorted rice snacks for beer, NikanKitchen Snack Box Premium gives you the experience of tasting authentic Japanese and Korean snacks, candies, and teas delivered to your door directly.

NikanBox Detail

  • 7-10 full- and small-size Japanese and Korean snacks, jellies, chips, candies, chocolate, drinks and more curated around a fun cultural theme
  • Every box you get is a mystery! What you receive is a surprise until you open it - it's like getting a wonderful birthday gift from a friend!
  • Perfect gift for anyone you know who loves Japanese and Korean cultural items!
  • Enjoy premium Japanese & Korean snacks with the Premium Box delivered right to your doorstep
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#NikanSnackBox NikanKitchen Snack Box

NikanBox - NikanKitchen Snackbox

Journey to Japan and Korea, quite easy

In NikanKitchen Snack Box you'll find delicious snacks, candies and drinks from Japan and Korea, which will give you a very special taste experience. With shrimp snacks, matcha Pocky, rice crackers, candy, chips, tea and other specialties, we'll take you to the exciting culinary world of Japan and Korea!

Awesome gift for Korean and Japanese culture fans

Korean and Japanese snacks are more popular than ever. NikanKitchen Snack Box is just perfect as a gift item for a family, friends and anyone who are a fan of Japanese or Korean delicacies. They will love unique snacks, chips and many more in the NikanKitchen Snack Box as a big surprise!

A countless variety of snacks

The countless possible specialties in NikanKitchen Snack Box include, for example, Tea with different tastes, rice punch, strawberry cotton candy, ginseng sweets, green tea biscuits, cinnamon drinks or even pineapple sweets! Actual items in NikanKitchen Snack Box are also dependent on seasons and product times. Which means the actual items delivered always new from one box to another!

Awesome variety for kpop and Jpop fans

Amazing Assortment of Sweet, Slaty Savory Snacks directly from Korea and Japan. A Wonderful Box. So many things you have not seen in other boxes. First time buyer and will keep buying. The items are so unique that you don’t know what an item is before you acutally try. It is more like a big surprise from Korea and Japan.

It is great value for money

It is a great variety of sweet snacks. It is a simply perfect gift to anyone who loves Korean and Japanese snacks. From day one, you will have a lot of enjoyment out of it for the next few weeks eating the snacks. It is a good value too, with which you can save up to 30% instead of buying all single itmes and break it down and make boxes. NikanBox is already done and it saves you the gas cost and packaging and left over Choco pies. Excellent packaging and shipping are of course guaranteed!

NikanBox - NikanKitchen Snackbox

How NikanKitchen (日韓台所) Snack Box Works

Get ready to explore Japan & Korea through yummy instant ramen every month!

Shop, starting at €9,99

What you receive is a surprise until you open it - It's like getting a wonderful birthday gift from a friend!

We curate, pack, and ship

You’ll get the latest and most trending items straight from Japan & Korea! We ship to Germany and Europe!

Unpack and Enjoy!

Every box you get is a mystery! Enjoy and share with all your friends and family!



Get ready to explore Japan & Korea through yummy instant nack every month!

Die neue NikanBox entdecken

Experience and enjoy Japan & Korea even more with new NikanBox!

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05 February, 2022

Es hat sich gelohnt
Mit der Box bekommt man die Möglichkeit, Snacks und Getränke auszuprobieren. Es unvermeidbar, wenn man koreanische oder japanische Snacks schon kennt, dass man nicht überrascht wird. Es hat sich gelohnt, um herauszufinden, welche Snacks ich mag und wieder kaufen werde.

26 April, 2020

kein Spolier
In meiner Box waren zwei Getränke. Eins davon wollte ich schon immer mal ausprobieren. Leider bin ich von dem Rest meiner Box ein wenig enttäuscht. Ich hatte die angegebenen 10-11 Items, aber ich fand die Kanabbersnacks waren sich alle sehr ähnlich im Geschmack und auch die Süßigkeiten waren nicht sehr koreanisch/japanisch sondern ähnelten deutschen Produkten die ich kenne. Da es sich um eine Überraschungsbox handelt und die Artikel bestimmt teurer wären, wenn ich sie selbst ausgewählt hätte rettet es die Box etwas. Vor allem, da ich Dinge probiert habe, die ich sonst nie gekauft hätte, da sie nichts besonderes sind.

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