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NikanKitchen KOREA Box - Korean Ramen Special Set


NikanKitchen KOREA Box - Korean Ramen Special Set

Best Brand from Japan & Korea Best Brand from Japan & Korea

what makes NikanKitchen KOREA Box - Korean Ramen Special Set different

Korean ramen can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors and discover a new world of ramen. From spicy to gentle flavors, we have selected carefully selected Korean ramen that captivates the world. NikanKitchen Korean Ramen Set delivers authentic Korean ramen directly to the door.

NikanBox Detail

  • Complete Korean ramen set in a special pack - 8~11 carefully curated best selling Korean noodles/cup-noodles
  • Exclusive Selection - to bring you closer to the food diversity of Korea in Germany, only the best selling Korean noodles are curated for the box!
  • Huge diversity - among the countless possible specialties in your box are Samyang 2xspicy Hot Chicken Ramen, Hot Chicken Carbo, Shin Ramyun or Hwa Ramen
  • Perfect gift box - you know a fan of Korean delicacies? Then NikanKitchen KOREA Box - Korean Ramen Special Set is an excellent gift item!
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#NikanRamenBox NikanKitchen Ramen Box

Ramen, Do it yourself at home!

As for the first taste of ramen noodles, there is no doubt that each ramen has become the most famous ramen in the world. Most kpop singers (BTS) like Korean ramen too. You can taste flavored spices, fresh vegetables and delicious noodles from different types (Koko Men, Samyang, Gomtang, Jin Ramen, Hot Spicy, Shin Ramen) of package or bowl noodles soup. We have already made it wonderful and have tried to improve our creativity! Easy korean and japanese noodle like BTS!

Enjoy Ramen? As simple as boiling water!

Consisting of dried noodles with an accompanying sachet of spicy seasoning, basically all you need to prepare ramyeon is boiling water. The dish comes in one of two forms: either in a rectangular package or in a cup. The package type requires diners to boil it in a pot for up to 10 minutes, while the latter type is even simpler to prepare and involves zero washing-up: as simple as add hot water, cover for a minute or two and then eat straight from the cup. That's it!

Why NikanKitchen Ramen Box so special

A countless variety of ramen

The countless possible specialties in NikanKitchen Ramen Box include, for example, the world famous Shin Ramen with different tastes, Miso Ramen, Seafood Ramen and Super Spicy Chicken Ramen! Actual items in NikanKitchen Ramen Box are also dependent on seasons and product times. Which means the actual items delivered always new from one box to another!

Awesome gift for ramen fans

Korean and Japanese ramens are more popular than ever. NikanKitchen Ramen Box is just perfect as a gift item for a family, friends and anyone who are a fan of Japanese or Korean delicacies. They will love unique ramen from Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen to Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen and many more in the NikanKitchen Ramen Box as a big surprise!

Perfectly expandable

For your unforgettable ramen evening we recommend the NikanKitchen instant rice made of high quality Korean and Japanes rice, Radish and Kimchi. The instant rice, marinated radish and Kimchi are simply the perfect combination with ramen.

NikanKitchen Ramen Box

How NikanKitchen (日韓台所) Snack Box Works

Get ready to explore Japan & Korea through yummy instant ramen every month!

Shop, starting at €9,99

What you receive is a surprise until you open it - It's like getting a wonderful birthday gift from a friend!

We curate, pack, and ship

You’ll get the latest and most trending items straight from Japan & Korea! We ship to Germany and Europe!

Unpack and Enjoy!

Every box you get is a mystery! Enjoy and share with all your friends and family!



Get ready to explore Japan & Korea through yummy instant nack every month!

Die neue NikanBox entdecken

Experience and enjoy Japan & Korea even more with new NikanBox!

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