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-10% NikanKitchen Onigiri Box for 8 Persons (5-piece set for up to 8 Persons)


-10% NikanKitchen Onigiri Box for 8 Persons (5-piece set for up to 8 Persons)

Best Brand from Japan & Korea Best Brand from Japan & Korea

what makes NikanKitchen Onigiri Box for 8 Persons (5-piece set for up to 8 Persons) different

NikanKitchen Onigiri Box for 8 delivers together the ingredients necessary for making rice balls, which are widely loved as Japanese national food, and deliver them directly to the door. You can enjoy making authentic Japanese Onigiri rice balls to that suit your taste.

NikanBox Detail

  • 5-piece sushi set in a special pack - rice (2x600g), nori seaweed (8st), furikake (3-4x), quick miso soup (8x), chopsticks (8x)
  • All basic ingredients in one convenient box - add vegetables and fish as you wish - your creativity has no boundary
  • Onigiri for the party - Ideal for an onigiri night for 8 persons, with friends, family or acquaintances up to 8 persons
  • No sachets - The basic ingredients are off-the-shelf units - not sachets. These are usually enough for several onigiri experiences
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#NikanOnigirikBox NikanKitchen Onigiri Box

NikanBox - NikanKitchen Onigiribox

Onigiri: Rice Ball, It's simple yet delicious

“Japanese food” was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2013, and interest in Japanese food from around the world is growing. Rice balls that are delicious and easy to make with rice are loved as snacks, lunchboxes and meals in Japan and Korea. It is a product that can be enjoyed by children and adults who can eat anytime and anywhere. It's simple yet delicious, and perfect for in-between meals and is best for picnic.

All-in-one convenient box to make authentic rice balls at home!

NikanKitchen Onigiri Box has all the ingredients you need to make a full-scale rice ball rice ball at home. You will find all ingredients you need to make your favorite rice ball, lncluding various sprinkles and miso soup, which are enough for 2 to 8 people. Only most popular rice sprinkles (Furikake) are carefully chosen and a set of miso soup are included free. You can enjoy your favorite ingredients and make various types of rice balls with a variety of tastes.

How #NikanOnigirikBox makes us different

Perfect as a gift idea to be appreciated!

Rice balls are getting popular around the world and they are attracting so much attention. NikanKitchen Onigiri Box is a set for children and adults to make fun rice balls. Because it contains the materials necessary to make rice balls, start making rice ball sets of all kinds of rice balls, such as bomb rice balls using various basic ingredients and triangular basic shapes and sprinkles!

We prepared safe and secure materials!

The Japanese and Korean Kitchen Onigiri Box is prepared with carefully selected ingredients to make a delicious authentic rice ball at home. I chose carefully selected delicious sprinkles and miso soup, which are essential for rice balls. The combination of sprinkles and your favorite ingredients will further enhance the taste of rice balls. Have a quick lunch or party with your family and friends.

NikanBox - NikanKitchen Onigiribox

Was ist in der NikanKitchen (日韓 日韓 台) Ornigiri Box?

In der NikanKitchen Sushi Box findest du nur die besten Sushi-Zutaten!

Your NikanKitchen (日韓台所) Onigiri Box be even better

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How NikanKitchen (日韓台所) Snack Box Works

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