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Nikan Easter Box
NikanKitchen Easter Box

2024 limited EASTER BOX! + Free Nikan EASTER BAG!
+ Free Ramen Bowl with chopsticks + FREE Shipping!

EASTER BOX is only available while stock available. Hurry up and get your Easter bag!

Nikan EASTER BOX + FREE Nikan EASTER BAG + Free Ramen Bowl with chopsticks + FREE Shipping!

The Easter bag full of favorite products. Don't miss your chance to get the best items from NikanKitchen!

You never know what you're going to get, but there's a lot of value in this box! NikanKitchen's favorite products for only €49.99 + Free Nikan Ester Bag + Free Ramen Bowl with chopsticks + Free Shipping

  • Period: until April 02, 2024
  • EASTER BOX is only available while stock available. Hurry up and get your Easter bag!
NikanKitchen offers the Mystery Boxes full of favorite snacks and much more for Easter 2024!

2024 Nikan Easter Box + FREE Nikan EASTER BAG + Free Ramen Bowl with chopsticks!

The mystery box filled with an assortment of most popular products!

only 49 99€
+ Free Shipping*
2024 Nikan Easter Box ended this year!
* Terms and Conditions
  • We send your reserved Nikan EASTER BOX from 13 March (it may fluctuate by traffic conditions.)
  • Free shipping is only applied to German inland (Island and International shipping are surcharged.)
  • We do not accept cancellation and change at all.
  • This offer can not be combined with Nikan Reward Points and coupons.
  • For orders via PayPal, your NikanKitchen EASTER Box will be shipped to the shipping address registerted in PayPal. Please check your shipping address and update it in case you wish a different shipping address.

What is Spring in Japand and Korea?

Not like western cultural countries, Easter in Japan is not related to religion. Therefore, there is no particular celebration among people while some Koreans are still related to the religional meaning of Easter. Regarless of the fact that Japanese and Koreans arecelerbration Easter in a religious way or not, around the Easter time, there are lots of spring activities. In Japan and Korea Spring beginns generally from March to May. “Beojkkoch (벚꽃)” in Korean and “Sakura (さくら)” in Japanese, cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring in both countries. In Japan, many people gather under sakura trees for “ohanami,” which means cherry blossom viewing, all over Japan. In Korea, people go to the best spot to view cherry blossom everwhere and have a picnic together to enjoy the mild and warm weather to break out of a long winter time.

[Source: Osaka photo created by tawatchai07 - www.freepik.com]

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